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Hi I’m Jo, and just to clarify, this is not a blog about the husky, slightly angry rock chick, with the once pink hair. It has nothing to do with shades of lipstick either, and for the record, I am a matt red girl all night long. No, this is about my life after Breast Cancer. Sinking lower than the Titanic and then finding out that Yazz was right all along. The Only Way is Up. Or in the case of myself, and my husband Alex, the only way is selling up, packing up and moving on. Life, part two, is climbing Mount Snowdon with one very wet sock, 40 tapas in two days in a San Sebastián prawn frenzy, and stubbornly attempting to hike 150 miles from Portugal to Spain, with just a stick named Fred, and a dangly scallop shell.

Life after…what a bloody crazy adventure…


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We started our adventure in 2017, but my love of travel began long before that. I was nine when I got my first passport (don’t mention the fringe), and I haven’t really stopped since then!



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Hair Today…Gone With Chemo

It will grow back. It's just hair. It means it's working. You might not lose it all. When you find out you’re probably, almost definitely, going to lose your hair from chemotherapy, these are the things you’re likely to hear. And they’re all true. Yes, it probably...

The San Sebastián Tapas Challenge

What is your earliest memory? Mine is a Pie and Mash shop. A proper old fashioned East End one, with tiled walls, communal tables, wooden benches and big plastic bottles of vinegar, with or without chilli. Steam rising from vats of lumpy mash and the smell of slightly...

Snowdon, Sandwiches and a Soggy Sock

‘We can’t go on’ I shout, the wind buffeting my oversize pac-a-parka, whipping the hood toggles against the side of my damp face. ‘We have to go back, he said make sensible decisions remember?’ The he I am referring to is the parking warden we met earlier, warning us...

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