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Well first of all, WOW! If you’re reading this page, it means that I’ve only gone and done it. Finally after months of will she/won’t she, I’ve finally taken that leap and launched my blog. And if you’re reading this, then that’s all that matters. Because if one person is even half interested in what I have to say, that is awesome. I mean it. Thank YOU.

So who am I and why write ‘A life after pink’? Let’s start with the easy stuff first. I’m Jo, I’m middle aged only in number, and I like to drink wine. Probably not the most elegant of introductions, but hey, I’m all about honesty on this site. I also love to wake up every day somewhere new, even if this means packing and unpacking all the time, and when exploring I always switch off Google maps. Crazy right.

In a past life I have been a teacher, a recruiter, a travel advisor, pulled pints, waited tables, invigilated exams, and a few more things I could list but its getting boring. Oh, but not forgetting my absolute favourite, globetrotting as cabin crew for an international airline. This was the job for me because it combined my two favourites, travelling the world, and getting paid to do it. Obviously there’s a lot more too it than that. Believe or not, the training is a touch harder than how to point out doors and or overcook beef to the texture of leather, but basically it’s a great life. And  that was me in 2016, quite happily zipping my way across the skies from steak in Cape Town to slings in Singapore (although I don’t actually know anyone that can get through a whole one. They’re like drinking liquid candy floss). The best part of it all though was coming home to a kiss from my beloved husband and a huge lick from my favourite, my dog Murray. Those two were my world.

Then, as life would have it, something happened. I found a lump. And you can probably guess the rest there. In fact if you really want to, you can read all about it here. And then something else happened. Murray died. I know, I know she’s just a dog right? Wrong. To have to say goodbye to the love of our life of 16 years, then walk into a hospital that very same morning to be blasted with radiation. Let’s just say it sucked. So we fell apart a little. A lot. And while piece by piece, we picked ourselves up, we realised life would, and could never be the same again. There would always be something, or someone missing. So what could we do? Then one night, well actually over the course of several months but one night sounds more dramatic, we decided. We wouldn’t try to carry on, we would just start again. Not just a new chapter, but a whole new book. Live a life of love, adventure, and anything else we could squeeze into it, unplanned and making it up as we go. So a few months after my final treatment, we sold up and shipped out. Now we live on the road, or by the side of it at least. Camping, glamping, airbnbs, housesits, you name it, we’ve probably stayed in it. And that’s what this blog is all about. To share with you what happens next. To hopefully inspire you to take that leap, climb that mountain, or finally book that trip. Read our stories, and then go out there and make you’re own. Where will your life after take you?

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